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Trena McNabb

Connected series of smaller paintings tell a story through dramatic visuals that overlap, interconnect and weave together in multi-layered paintings using water-proof, color-fast durable acrylic paint on canvas. No one ever taught me what I “couldn’t” or “shouldn’t” do. Without those limitations, I felt free to spread my wings and develop my own original style. “White-on-White”, utilizes the natural raw canvas and bright colors as a subtle counterpoint to the white acrylic paint. Areas of my work has been described as a transparent, painted collage. The unique base of white then showcases the overlapping transparent images of vibrant colors. Painted scenes overlay each other to form a kaleidoscope of colors. Visuals come alive through the use of “windows” created by the overlapping images, adding layers to the story which becomes deeper the longer one studies the work.

Repeated applications of the white on the natural canvas, result in an unusual vibrancy and lifelike quality. I sometimes add pressed plants and leaves such as you would find in a Herbarium to the work which also adds dimension. Matter and physical location for each work are thoroughly researched before deciding on any images or shapes to be used. One central theme or image predominates each piece, with many overlapping and interlocking images filling out the rest of the painting and the background. The overall effect created by

the transparency of the images is somewhat surreal, however, as the viewer approaches the work, details come into focus. Each image is realistic and each stroke has meaning. As I overlap images, matching the same curves and angles from one image to another is very important to me. I prefer images from nature and like the overlapping of animals, birds, plants, food or landscapes within one overall shape.

To the work is important as well. I want there to be an image or theme as seen from a distance and as the person comes close, surprising details pop out.

My goal is that it will be though provoking and not be able to thoroughly be "seen" in a moment.

Thank you for your interest in my work.

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