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Toni Carlton

My work is a series of mixed media paintings and surface manipulation. I incorporate metaphors from my personal life experiences, my love of dance, music and photographic images I have taken during travels along with multicultural collections to represent our universal connection to all our relations. Many of my pieces represent deeper levels of feminine awakening by encoding multiple layers of images that trigger memories of ancient and present wisdom. In some of my recent compositions, the combination of calligraphic and Asian symbols, ancient text and sacred sites help create a deeper level of resonance. Through many layers of painting, written prayers and songs, collage and transfer images, I am revisiting my spiritual journey as an artist using creative expressions. My hope is that my original creations open our hearts and touch our souls to inspire and lift our spirits. I will continue along a theme that speaks to people's hearts and touches them in ways that are healing and helpful in developing an understanding of our interconnectedness.

Toni Carlton is a multi-media artist, owner, director and curator of Carlton Gallery for over 40 years. A graduate of Appalachian State University with a degree in Fine Art as well as Industrial Technology and a Business minor, her artwork has developed over the years in various media from fiber-arts to mixed media paintings. Toni's most recent artwork incorporates fine handwoven fibers woven as a meditation or prayer into mixed media paintings reconnecting with her fiber background and her Appalachian heritage in the mountains of NC, USA.

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