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Mary-Ann Prack

Mary-Ann explains, "I was drawn to clay as a sculpture medium for many reasons, from childhood memories of modeling for my mother as she sculpted me in clay, to the discovery of its unlimited potential for creative expression and to the fulfillment that comes with having complete control over every stage of the artistic process." For over 35 years Mary-Ann has worked with clay as a pure sculpture medium. There is nothing traditional about her approach to or use of clay in terms of subject, design, scale or glazing techniques. Prack creates sculpture that is distinctive, precise, and with geometric purity of surface and form. She hand builds each piece using specially formulated clay that has a stone-like hardness, strength and consistency suitable for her large scale clay constructions. After bisque firing she glazes the surfaces and fires once again, and or uses cold-colors that are permanently sealed. The sizes range from approximately two to nine feet in height. Each of her sculptures are original and unique.

Mary-Ann Prack was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. As a third-generation member of an architectural engineering family, art and architecture were a strong component of her early life experiences and surroundings. Thus, an appreciation of the arts was thoroughly instilled in her throughout her childhood.
This richly creative environment became the essential basis from which Mary-Ann developed an appreciation, respect and love of art and her favorite period in art history - the Abstract Expressionist Movement.

Prack began her formal fine art education at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada and continued at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Florida Atlantic University, where she studied both fine art and interior design. Although Prack's interest and passion was always with fine art, she chose to practice interior design in order to make a living. By 1986 Mary-Ann was able to transition into creating art on a full-time basis. She says, "It has been a challenge to balance the integrity of my artwork with the need to make a living. I feel I have not allowed my artistic growth to be compromised no matter what the circumstances nor challenges. I have been able to maintain my enthusiasm, commitment to high quality and focused energy that has been evident in my sculpture from the beginning."


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