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David McCaig

September 21, 1949 - September 18, 2007

The abstract oil paintings of David Warren McCaig project the awareness of the landscape not a literal interpretation of it. To some his trees are birches but they could be any type of tree, as McCaig painted an illusion of trees not their specific identity.

McCaig began drawing at the age of three and painted everything in sight as a young child. He earned an associate degree from Montserrat School of Visual Arts in Beverly, Massachusetts, Santa Rosa Community College and Sonoma State University in Cotati, California.

Daily painting beginning at 8 p.m. and continuing until 2 a.m. was the creative path chosen by McCaig. He worked on more than one canvas at a time and was very involved with shapes and colors. He never preplanned by drawing first and worked wet on wet. Like all artists, McCaig felt his paintings were never fully completed and he should have spent more time by adding a little more color here or there.

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