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Laine Francis

Just a glance at the work of artist Laine Francis and you know she sees beauty everywhere – whether the shadowed arches of a crumbling European bridge or the graceful tilt of a tulip stem. Light, movement, and color infuse the canvas of every painting. Francis’ portfolio reflects her impressionist’s view of her own life journey – from extensive travels throughout the world to her love for the North Carolina coast – in an extensive gallery of architectural and landscape portraits. Turn a corner and the gallery reveals her playful side - her delight in capturing the irresistible personality of our pets or a treasured moment with a family member.  Her work is as full of life as she is, and her art reflects a richness and joy simply in being alive.


Though an artist by nature and eye, Francis has studied with notable painters such as C.W. Mundy, Scott Christensen, Lori Putnam, Dawn Whitelaw, Carolyn Anderson, Alice Williams, Nancy Franke, Dan Beck, Connie Winters, Helen Farson, and Jill Steenhuis.  She blends that training into her own particular palette, creating a fresh new body of work reflecting color, the mystery of light and dark, value and temperature. Her art has enjoyed increasing popularity in the past few years and she has painted several special commissions, which are displayed throughout the state, in Universities, Hospitals, and in private homes.


A native of Burlington, NC, Francis received a BA from UNC-Chapel Hill. She continues to enjoy traveling the world photographing the scenes that will be recreated in a unique expression of her soul, spirit and discerning eye.

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