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Eddie Kent Talent

An introvert by nature, I have always had a deep affinity for locations and objects which embody a sense of mystery, solitude, or isolation. My most recent series of landscape-based artworks explore hidden and private locales to which one might escape for quiet contemplation and spiritual renewal. Each subject is chosen for its capacity to possess secrets that only one’s inner spirit can aid the eye in perceiving—something primeval and archetypal in origin, yet ephemeral, obscure, and often overlooked or ignored.   My goal is to coalesce contrasting literal and symbolic views of the human experience and invite viewers to look underneath what they visually perceive on the surface of things around them. Thus, while these works are executed in a representational manner based on careful observation, I strive to capture more than the physical characteristics of a particular setting. My approach often necessitates arranging, rearranging, or introducing compositional elements, colors, textures, and values that are arbitrary to casual perception. The individual elements—stones, water, trees—become surrogates for a more allegorical expression. As a result, my paintings are intended to transcend superficial or facile depictions of nature. It is my hope that viewers will be compelled to find their own state of solitude or serenity as they observe these works, and experience a renewed sense of individuality inside such moments.

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