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Carol Bodiford

Carol has a long history of involvement in many aspects of artistic endeavor.  Her main interest is in painting, and she has accumulated a great deal of experience over the years through study and hard work.  Her efforts have evolved through various stages, and more recently have developed into what might be defined as ‘luminism’, in which light is the most expressive feature, and the harsh delineations of physical objects are softened and etherealized in a glowing haze that lends an atmosphere of spirituality.  These paintings, which are usually landscapes, are dreamlike in a very pleasant way.  They stimulate the imagination and give one a sense of peace and wellbeing.

She has studied at the Bellas Artes and with the artist, Keith Keller in the Mexican town of San Miguel de Allende, and at Southern Oregon State College in Ashland, Oregon. She spent several years in Europe where she traveled extensively, spending most of her time in France where she studied the work of a number of French artists. She feels that her current home in the foothills of North Carolina closely resemble the spiritual ambiance she experienced while living in the small town of Arette near the Pyrennees Mountains that form the border between France and Spain. 

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