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Connie Winters

The romance of the countryside, the warmth of an intimate interior, the vibrant colors and cool shadows in a sunlit flower garden, are only some of the visuals that excite and inspire my paintings.

Sharing the joy in my own observations would be what is important to convey to my viewers.

As an artist, it is fortunate to be able to express myself through paintings and having an audience that responds favorably to what my canvas says.

Although Winters has painted most of her life, it wasn’t until 1985 that she determined to become a professional artist. She gave herself the gift of two years to develop a defined style of painting. Her signature style, creating fresh vibrant landscapes and warm inviting interiors, emerged quickly. Soon she began selling her paintings through gallery representation. Connie is an active observer, intent on recording the interplay of color and light. Color is a key ingredient in each of Connie’s paintings. “Painting is like a puzzle,” she explains. “An example, putting cool reds against warm reds creates excitement to capture the eye of the viewer.” Another equally key ingredient is strong drawing skills, which lay down the architecture of the design. “I see color where others may not notice it. While some would look at a road and say it is black, I will see shades of lavender, blue or even gold, depending on the light. It all depends upon the light.” An avid gardener Winters cultivates this same passion for color and architecture in her arbors, paths and flowers. Connie’s garden palette carries into the interior of her home. Some of her most popular paintings feature warm intimate interiors, bursting with vibrant color and softly diffused light inviting one to linger awhile. Connie has studied with notable artists Phillip Moose-Pulitzer Prize for art, the late Shirley Markham, Alice Steadman, Constantine Chatov, Mark Chatov, Alice Williams, and Quang Ho. More recently she has studied with Kevin McPherson and C.W. Mundy. Her paintings are found in many notable private and corporate collections, which include, John Randolph Hearst Jr., the Coca-Cola collection, the Duke Mansion in Charlotte and the permanent collections of Erskine College, Presbyterian College and Wingate College.

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