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Philip Ramsey

Philip Ramsey is a Virginian impressionist oil painter and portrait artist. He began his professional artistic venture as a muralist in 1991 after studying the renaissance and baroque masters of the 15th through the 17th centuries. After several years he moved to oil painting and became enamored with the French impressionist movement of the 19th century. Philip studied the works of Pissarro, Manet, Monet, Renoir, Lautrec and Van Gogh. Presently he follows plein air impressionist painter Jose Salvaggio of Strasbourg France and Russian painter Vladimir Volegov. 

Philip also pursued the discipline of portrait painting and apprenticed under the instruction of internationally renowned Argentinian portrait painter John De la Vega. Presently Ramsey receives portrait commissions and is accredited with painting Virginian court judges that presently hang in county court houses. He was recently honored among six prominent portrait artists in Virginia, including his own son Wyatt Ramsey, in a feature article of Virginia Living Magazine June 2023 issue.

Philip claims that he cannot paint without music. He believes that all the arts are interconnected including visual and musical arts.  He comes by that honestly, as he was one of the original Susuki violinists at the age of six and continued to be taught by Knoxville TN symphony orchestra concert master, Peter Horodysky. Philip went on to play with the Tennessee University Orchestra. When music resonates within his soul, strokes of bold thick paint result across the canvas illustrating the beauty of creation across the landscape of the earth. Outside, while plein air panting, the music of birds and the wind are prevalent, however, inside the studio - music is cranked up to full volume.

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