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Lisa Kent

Lisa Cushing Kent received her B.F.A. in Jewelry/Metalwork from the University of Georgia in 1976, and has worked on jewelry intermittently over the years.  Since moving back to South Georgia in 2007 she has been able to work on jewelry making full-time. 

She has been a member of Glynn Visual Arts on St. Simons Island since 2008, where she participates in the gift shop and the annual art shows. She offers jewelry making classes and workshops there on a regular basis.  She is also a member of the Jekyll Island Art Association. 

“I was drawn to making jewelry by the processes and materials, and I find it validating because personal adornment has always played such an important part in human history. There can be all kinds of meaning attached to a piece of jewelry, from the promise of a wedding band, to sentimental memories, or just to show individuality. So I hope I offer people a chance to show their uniqueness and style by choosing something I have designed and created by hand. 

“I craft each piece individually, using traditional silversmithing techniques, such as piercing, chasing, repoussé, forming, planishing, and fabrication. I use sterling, 14K gold or gold-filled, bronze, copper and brass.  I also incorporate semi-precious stone beads and freshwater pearls into some of my designs. 

“The organic nature of my designs reflects my love of the natural world. I often have moving parts in my pieces, which make them more like little kinetic sculptures.  The shapes often highlight reflections by the way they are curved or in the facets of hammer marks. Working with metal is so time consuming that it tends to be very intentional, but I love when I can have an element of spontaneity or playfulness in my work.”

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