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Tonya Bottomley

My abstract paintings are influenced by the American art movement of Abstract Expressionism. The paintings are process oriented – and that process is an exercise in discovery, invention and risk-taking. There is also a fragile balance between spontaneity and control, between order and chaos, between simplicity and complexity. The process is never straightforward but always full of surprises. When I begin a painting I never know what the end result will be – for me that is both the joy and the struggle of abstract painting.

Making art is my way of being present in the world. My paintings speak not only with line, shape and color, but with the passion and substance of living with purpose. I am influenced by life experiences, my surroundings, and my subconscious. As with instrumental music, an abstract painting should evoke an emotional response. Positive energy, emotion and visual enjoyment – these are the things I hope to impart to the viewer. My work is celebratory and is meant to appeal to the senses and heighten the human experience.

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