Angle Table End Table Side View End Table - Top View Coffe Table and 2 End Tables


Early in my life I developed a love and aptitude for jigsaw puzzles. The challenge of recognizing and assembling various shapes into a complete picture was extremely satisfying. I remain infatuated with puzzles and now get to make the pieces. Nothing brings me more joy than assembling a variety of unlikely materials, opening my mind to the myriad ways they may be brought together in balance and beauty.

The technical skills I use to create functional art have been acquired and honed through years spent building structures as diverse as geodesic domes, sailboats, treehouses, rock walls, log cabins, foot bridges, and fine furniture. A lifetime spent in wilderness and adventure sports has helped me develop an eye and appreciation for the elegance of nature; where wildly divergent shapes, colors, and textures come together to create unimaginable and often improbable beauty.

My passion is envisioning and creating pieces that reflect my awareness and perception of the natural world.