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Recent Artwork

red spiral circle Red Zen Radius of Circle on Horizon A Light Exists in Spring Dawn Out on the Town Red Headed Barn Here and There First Light Katie in the Snow Front and Center Meditation in Red -1 Meditation in Red In Safe Hands smim Carved Aquamarine Pendant 2 ROCKIN' HORSE High Country Crystal Clear Day Peaceful Morning Serenity of White Silver Wire Bracelet Cream and Neutrals Silk cape-let Duck Creek Pottery The Holly in Port Interior of House in Provence Twisted Spiral Candlesticks


Spring Announcements

We welcome new artists to Carlton Gallery: Lisa Boardwine, Dottie Leatherwood and Eddie Tallent!

We are preparing for our “Spring Group Exhibition” with new works so far from…Martha Olsen, Andrew Braitman, Sharon Rusch Shaver, Marion Cloaninger, Dottie Leatherwood, Eddie Tallent and Frank Holder.

We will have Featured Artists Exhibition with Kevin Beck and Amy Sullivan “The Landscape – Masculine & Feminine” during our Spring Group Exhibition beginning May 23 with an opening reception from 2-5pm.

We will also have “An afternoon with the Artists” 4th Saturdays of alternating months… artists to be announced…as part of the “Avery Tour de Art”.

Our Workshops are filling! Please call the gallery, 828 963 4288 to check the status of each workshop, to register or to be on our workshop email list.


The exhibitions for the 2015 season have been added so please check out our updated schedule!


Carlton Gallery celebrates its 32nd Winter Exhibition with a Holiday Open House on Friday, November 28; Saturday, November 29 and Sunday, November 30 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. A jewelry trunk show by award winning lapidarist, metal smith and gemologist, Ran Armstrong, on Friday and Saturday is a highlight of the Holiday Open House.

Gallery owner and artist, Toni Carlton, extends a heartfelt invitation to one and all to begin the Holiday Season at Carlton Gallery while enjoying light refreshments, hot cider or tea along with lots of community spirit.

The seasonally decorated gallery is filled with ART in all mediums by the talented local, regional and national artists the gallery represents. Paintings by Andrew Braitman, Kevin Beck, Sharon Rusch Shaver, Vae Hamilton, Connie Winters, Amy Sullivan, Warren Dennis, Edie Maney, Jane Desonier, Ray Byram, Helen Farson, Egi Antonaccio, Kate Worm, Mary Dobbin, Michael Grady, and Brian Carney are in many styles and varied subject matter, including traditional and abstract landscapes, figurative, mixed media, still life and wildlife.

New paintings reflecting the beauty of winter can be found at the 32 Winter Exhibition and Holiday Open House. Mary Martha McKinley’s snowy red barn scene renders the stillness and serenity found in many locations throughout the High Country. Holly Glasscock’s oils highlight winter’s shadows and silhouettes found in snowy landscapes. Watercolorist Freeman Beard renders paintings with snow covered barns, farms, streams and landscapes in his realistic impressionism style using the traditional technique of transparent watercolors.

Acrylic and watercolor/ink paintings exhibited by visionary artist Debbie Arnold are from her earlier body of work which reflects her love of Asian art with a unique perspective.

The ongoing “Art Songs of the Heart” exhibition by Toni Carlton is a part of the 32 Winter Exhibition and Holiday Open House which she says “Connects everyone to the Light this time of year. My hand-woven fibers form incremental patterns along with many translucent layers of writings, prayers and songs within the canvases to express the energy and the connection to each other and the Divine”.

The 32 Winter Exhibition also features “Small Works” in paintings, glass, wood, pottery, basketry, fiber art and fine jewelry by talented artisans. These “Small Works” are of exceptional quality and make thoughtful holiday gifts.

Paintings by Alan Gordon, Holt McLean and Linda Apriletti are original works embracing many media, styles and price ranges. Arlene Mandell renders figurative works in oils and oil pastels which capture the personality and spirit of her subject matter.

Colorful blown glass vases and vessels by Robinson Scott are in unique forms and shapes to enhance a holiday display. Sculptural wood bowls, vessels and urns by Bobby Phillips and Alan Hollar are one –of-a-kind art pieces exemplifying their creativity. Hand painted exquisite gourds by Cindy Vandewart and new to the gallery, Linda Spillane add a sophisticated Native American aspect.

Handbuilt sculptured clay vessels by Marty Allran contain themes of nature, floral and the divine feminine as the inspiration for her unique art work. Functional mugs, tea/rice cups, small bowls and yarn bowls ( perfect for weavers - knitters) by Becky Henderson-Gow are wheel thrown and hand painted using slip trailing with intricate designs and patterns reminiscent of her ancestor’s quilting patterns.

Fiber art of woven scarves in beautiful winter colors, Erda bags in myriad shapes and sizes, wool felted hats and scarves by Vasanto, along with reversible jackets and three-quarter coats by Trimdin are exceptional holiday gifts. Intricate miniature wearable basketry necklaces by Lyn Shallis along with her sculptural fine art baskets add elegance and style to one’s wardrobe or home.

The 32 Winter Exhibition and Holiday Open House showcases the sculptural art jewelry of Ran Armstrong. He is a lapidarist, metal smith and gemologist whose award winning jewelry incorporates metals of 14K, 18K, 22K gold and sterling silver. Armstrong hand cuts or carves many of the crystals and gemstones in his exquisite line of jewelry. He says, “Forming by hand and heat of torch allows me to control the process, yet allows serendipitous elements as I fabricate high karat gold and sterling silver into one-of-a-kind pieces often featuring gemstones too rare for main stream jewelry”.

Armstrong will be present at the 32 Winter Exhibition and Holiday Open House with a jewelry trunk show of additional necklaces, earrings and rings from his personal collection. He will be happy to greet holiday visitors and discuss his fabulous designs on Friday and Saturday.

Visit Carlton Gallery and enjoy the 32 Winter Exhibition and Holiday Open House on Friday, November 28; Saturday, November 29, and Sunday, November 30 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Art work in all mediums by the gallery’s outstanding artists, along with the jewelry trunk show by Ran Armstrong on Friday and Saturday is sure to start the season with much holiday cheer.


Autumn Group Exhibition at Carlton Gallery during the Avery Tour de Art September 27

The 32nd Autumn Group Exhibition begins this Saturday, September 27 with an Artists’ Reception from 2 to 5 p.m. Gallery artists will meet and greet friends, visitors and patrons. Light hors d’oeuvres and community spirit can be enjoyed while viewing the gallery’s collection of fine art in paintings, glass, wood, clay, sculpture, fiber and jewelry.

Beautiful autumn colors of the High Country may be seen in many of the paintings and 3-dementional works by gallery artists. Enjoy new paintings by Kevin Beck, Vae Hamilton, Linda Apriletti, Mary Martha McKinley, Mike Ham, Marion Cloaninger, Alan Gordon, and Freeman Beard for our Autumn Group Exhibition.

View traditional and abstract paintings in landscapes, still life’s, figurative, non-objective abstracts, cityscapes and structural design abound at Carlton Gallery by artists Andrew Braitman, Connie Winters, Egi Antonaccio, Kate Worm, Warren Dennis, Helen Farson, Roy Nichols, Arlene Mandell, Michael Grady, Mary Dobbin, Edie Maney, Sharon Rusch Shaver, Brian Carney, Debbie Arnold, Holly Glasscock, Jane, Desonier, Gina Strumpf, and new to the gallery this season, Amy Sullivan and Kevin Lee Aita.

New clay figurative sculpture by Jayne Harris honors women in nature and the feminine mystic as well as Melissa York’s female figurative indoor or garden sculpture.

Enjoy “Art Songs of the Heart” an Exhibition by Toni Carlton, artist, owner and curator of Carlton Gallery and visit with her from 10-5 during the Avery Tour de Art on September 27.



Through her passion for working in mixed media combined with her expression of her spiritual journey, artist Toni Carlton’s creative process begins in a consciousness of prayer and song; a focused intention to allow a centered prayer to become an artistic expression through movement on the canvas. In Toni’s latest collection “Art Songs of the Heart” the texture of ancestral patterns of the fabric of all life are blended with the hand-woven threads shared between generations. “Art as a Prayer” becomes the theme as the Exhibition “Art Songs of the Heart “embodies the vibration of the voice within a painting.

The handwoven fabric, offers the observer to “see beyond” what appears to be to what can be experienced and transformed through the sacred voice of the heart.

The word in script is becoming a lost art. Toni’s artwork is imprinted with the expressive calligraphic text in English to create elegant flowing abstract compositions which are seen through hand woven fabric adhered to canvas with many layers of transparent paint.

Another layer of the creative process in the “Art Songs of the Heart” series includes the process of touch drawing. This technique is done by touch with only the hands on transparent paper that is placed on a thin layer of water based oils. The expressions in the work come from the subconscious, the heart space and from within rather than from a plan to create a specific image. Using movement, meditation and healing sounds as a prompt to begin the art work, Toni’s work expresses the connection to the Divine Feminine and Mothering Peace.

Toni Carlton’s calligraphic artworks have juried in the Invitational World Calligraphy Exhibitions held in Seoul, Korea, Beijing, China and Geneva, Switzerland. Carlton was one of the two American women artists whose work was chosen to participate in the International Healing Arts Exhibition in Naples, Italy.

Enjoy the “Art Songs of the Heart” Exhibition of Toni Carlton’s paintings along with the Autumn Group Exhibition at Carlton Gallery beginning September 27 and visit with Toni Carlton, artist, owner and curator of Carlton Gallery from 10-5 during the Avery Tour de Art.

An Artists’ Reception is planned from 2 to 5 p.m. with some of the standing gallery artists in attendance to greet friends, visitors and patrons. Light hors d’oeuvres and community spirit can be enjoyed while viewing the gallery’s collection of fine art in paintings, glass, wood, clay, sculpture, fiber and jewelry. The gallery represents local, regional and national artists working in these various mediums.

Celebrate the 32nd year of Carlton Gallery during the Autumn Group Exhibition along with the “Art Songs of the Heart” exhibit by Toni Carlton on Saturday September 27. The Avery Tour de Art is from 10-5 and the Opening Reception is from 2-5pm.


Meet Emerging Artists at Carlton Gallery during the Avery Tour de Art this Saturday

Arlene Mandell, Lynn Shallis and Joe Mareka

The 6th Annual Avery Tour De Art continues on Saturday, August 23 at Carlton Gallery as well as other local galleries, and artists’ studios in the Watauga and Avery areas. The Tour De Art is a monthly event, 4th Saturday from 10-5pm, June through November, where artists open their studios to the public and galleries hold special art events. Maps can be picked up at each location on the Tour.

Carlton Gallery continues to celebrate the 32nd Year in the community of Foscoe, surrounded with lively creative spirit. Join Toni Carlton in honoring 3 new Emerging Artists that are excellent in their various mediums. Carlton Gallery is known for the diversity of fine art along with beautiful handcrafted 3 dimensional artwork. Please welcome Arlene Mandell, Lynn Shallis and Joe Mareka for the “Meet the Artists” during the Avery Tour de Art, Saturday, August 23 from 10-5.

Join us and connect with the artists demonstrating basketry, needle felting, playing Native American style flutes and enjoy the eloquent expressions of their creative process.

Reflections from the artists:

Arlene Mandell - “In the 1960's, I was teaching full time in Manhattan. To relax at night, I began sketching the plants on my windowsill. Wanting to learn more about how to draw still life, I signed up for a Saturday "LIFE” class at the nearby famed Art Students League. However, when I walked into the "LIFE" class, I was astonished to see a nude model posing on a platform. The instructor told me that "LIFE" meant the live model, and not still life. He urged me to try the class because he felt there was nothing more exciting than working from the live model. I stayed for the session and was hooked! After that day, there was nothing I wanted to do more. That love has continued. It was transmitted to me from that instructor, Arthur Foster, who became my teacher. In time, I discovered Arthur Foster had worked for many years with his father, Hal Foster, to produce the “Prince Valiant” comic strip.”

“The people you see in my artwork are people from all walks of life in my community. They come to pose at the Miami Art League, where I do the work. I listen to the stories of their lives and try to enter their world for a while to put down an impression. I do not use photographs, but rather try to remember their physical being and personality in case I want to continue working on the picture after they've left.”

“There is a whole world to explore in every face. I love to explore that world.”

Lynn Shallis - “The goal of my work is to create a form that is striking to view on many levels. Color, shape and size each play their part. Inspiration comes somewhat from life’s experiences and images impressed upon the mind. Using some and discarding others, a basket coalesces as this process takes place.

My art is a gift from God and I can only hope that the end product is pleasing to Him and to the viewer in their eyes and in their souls.”

Joe Mareka - I have been honing my skills in creating Native American style flutes for several years. Thirty years of woodcarving, making furniture and basket weaving has been a natural segue into this art form. My interest in Native American culture and artifacts grew from my childhood in southeastern North Carolina and my studies at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. Visits to the southwest introduced me to the beauty of flute music which has fed my passion to share my art.

This 32 Annual Mid – Summer Group Exhibition continues at Carlton Gallery through September 15 along with Andrew Braitman’ solo exhibit, “Expanding the Edge of Color” which continues through September 20.

For more information about the Mid-Summer Group Exhibition or Andrew Braitman's solo exhibit, "Expanding the Edge of Color" see the announcement below.

Enjoy a day filled with music, light refreshments, demonstrations and community spirit while visiting with gallery artists.

The gallery is located 10 miles south of Boone and 7 miles north of Linville or Banner Elk on N.C. 105 in the Foscoe/Grandfather Mountain community.


Opening in upcoming workshop!

August 12, 13, 14 (10am - 5pm) “Painting the Landscape and Architecture”

with Kevin Beck $315 - Pastels or Oils for beginners or advanced painters interested in learning the fundamentals of creating spontaneous fresh landscape paintings using Photographic References” –

Kevin is one of the Southeast’s most collected artists. He is celebrated for his vibrant paintings that resonate with the soul of the landscape. He creates in both pastel and oil in plein air and the studio. Though he teaches only a limited number of workshops a year, he’s known for his articulate and generous instruction, as well as the humor and equanimity he brings to the classroom.

Limited to 8 participants



With Andrew Braitman’s “Expanding the Edge of Color”

Carlton Gallery celebrates its 32nd Anniversary, with their prime show of the season. The Mid-Summer Group Exhibition on Saturday, July 26. Meet Andrew Braitman, a prominent artist with a national reputation, and other noted gallery artists during a reception held between 2 and 5pm. The event will feature Braitman’s solo exhibition, “Expanding the Edge of Color”. The Opening of the Exhibition will coincide with the Avery Tour de Art, a coalition of galleries and artists’ private studios, which is Saturday, July 26 – 10 to 5.

This 32 Annual Mid – Summer Group Exhibition encompasses fine art in glass, wood, sculpture, clay, fiber and fine jewelry by the many talented and dedicated artisans represented by the gallery along with contemporary and traditional paintings in oils, acrylics, pastels, water color and mixed media. New paintings by Connie Winters, Roy Nichols, Warren Dennis, Mary Martha McKinley, Kate Worm, Helen Farson, Sharon Rusch Shaver, Michael Grady, Arlene Mandell, Marion Cloaninger, Holly Glasscock, Alan Gordon, Kevin Beck, Linda Apriletti and Debbie Arnold fill the gallery with landscapes, non-objective abstracts, figurative, still life and humorous caricatures.

New to the gallery this season, Kevin Aita’ s photo realism of dancers superimposed creatively to represent the figure in motion are breathtaking and Amy Sullivan’s oil and cold wax on plaster exploring the structures of regional barns brings the interior/decorative design elements into a fine art arena.

Sculptural Clay figurative works by Jayne Harris and new to the gallery, Melisa York bring the quality of the feminine, intuitive side of nature along with John Littleton and Kate Vogel’s cast glass hands holding a lotus flower.

Braitman’s exhibition, “Expanding the Edge of Color” clearly demonstrates his passion for exploring and creating through a focus on the relationship of texture and color combined with lost and found edges.

With sizes ranging from 5”x7” to 50”x70”, his explosions of artistic expression come bursting forth into form gracefully yet powerfully through the rhythm of creative cycles of layer upon layer of the blending of a collection of brilliant colors. This excellent use of color is a prominent component of Braitman’s paintings. Many are almost abstract except for a few strokes that hint of a familiar image.

Braitman states: “I am so happy with these latest paintings; they reflect my maturity as a painter as well as my love of the colors and rhythms of the world I paint. In these pieces, I show the confidence and elegance of my painting process. Instead of trying to showcase my talent (by cramming more and more into each painting) I let the colors I choose, the way I apply the paint, and the singular brush stroke I make mimic the beauty and interest of the woods I paint.”

“In these paintings I let the context (the scene I choose to paint) do much of the work so that I may showcase a few beautiful individual brushstrokes in each painting. I let the palette I work with in each painting help to explain the mood and time of day of each individual painting which lets me focus more and more on unique and varied paint application.”

“I found that I am more expressive when working on larger paintings, so I wanted to see if I could be as elegant in smaller paintings. I was heartily encouraged to find that these small pieces (7 x 5 inch pieces on panel) could be as exciting and expressive as the larger work.”

Andrew Braitman has exhibited his paintings at Carlton Gallery for over twenty years, and his abstract landscapes rendered in his signature color combinations are in many private and public collections. He has exhibited in galleries, one-man and group shows in Santa Fe, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, DC and Milburn, NJ; also in Noorbeck, Holland, Rio de Janiero and Curitiba, Brazil.

Born in Casper, Wyoming, Braitman earned his BA from the University of Maryland. It was at the university where Braitman discovered his true passion for art. He enrolled in every drawing, painting, sculpture, and lithography class offered by the university, along with physics to study light, anatomy and physiology courses in the nursing school to learn the human body. His artistic prowess earned him the Warton Award Grant for Outstanding Senior Artist. All the extra classes allowed him to receive the same award again two years later.

Enjoy the new artwork by standing and new gallery artists along with Andrew Braitman’s “Expanding the Edge of Color” as Carlton Gallery celebrates its 32nd Anniversary during the Mid-Summer Group Exhibition on Saturday, July 26 with the reception from 2-5pm. These exhibitions continue through September 15th.


Carlton Gallery celebrates its 32nd Anniversary, with their prime show of the season. The Mid-Summer Group Exhibition on Saturday, July 26. Meet Andrew Braitman, a prominent artist with a national reputation, and other noted gallery artists during a reception held between 2 and 5pm. The event will feature Braitman’s solo exhibition, “Expanding the Edge of Color”. The Opening of the Exhibition will coincide with the Avery Tour de Art, a coalition of galleries and artists’ private studios, which is Saturday, July 26 – 10 to 5.


Join us this Saturday, June 28 – 10:00 – 5:00 for the 1st “Avery Tour de Art” of the Season!!!!

We are having a “Meet the Artists” day during the Tour de Art with 3 gallery artists available to discuss their “ART” with visitors and demonstrations in the morning by Brian Carney.

Enjoy meeting Alan Gordon, Mary Martha McKinley and Brian Carney.


Join us this Saturday, June 21 10-5 for Foscoe and Grandfather Mountain Community's Home Decor Stirabout and find a perfect new piece for your home. Our spring group exhibition continues through July 15, as well as the featured exhibition 'Energetic Expressions by Egi and Edie' (Egi Antonaccio and Edie Maney).


Happy Spring to everyone! It is finally arriving in the High Country! We are excited about our 2014 Season so please check out our updated schedule!


The 31st Winter Group Exhibition continues as Carlton Gallery celebrates this beautiful season. Gallery owner, Toni Carlton, extends an invitation for everyone to visit and enjoy fine art in a “Small Works” Exhibition featuring original work in all mediums, styles and price ranges.

Fall and winter landscapes, still life, horses, non-objective abstracts, figurative, pen/pencil wildlife and visionary paintings fill the “Small Works” Exhibition with the peaceful energy of the quiet winter. Debbie Arnold, Kevin Beck, Egi Antonaccio, Andrew Braitman, Gina Strumpf, Jane Desonier, Vae Hamilton, Toni Carlton, Warren Dennis, Freeman Beard, Helen Farson, Brian Carney, Marion Cloaninger, Mary Dobbin, Mary Martha McKinley, Linda Apriletti, Holly Glasscock and Alan Gordon are some of the artists whose small works can also become beautiful treasures.

“Small Works” in sculpture, wood, glass and clay with exceptional workmanship and originality offer unique gift ideas for the holidays. The gallery’s outstanding sculpture artists Zach Smith Johnson, Frank Holder, and Jayne Harris working in steel, aluminum and clay create unusual fine art. Wood artisans Bobby Phillips, Alan Hollar and Allen Davis exhibit turned and carved works of art from the area’s many hardwood trees. Glass artists, Robinson Scott, John Littleton/Kate Vogel, Greg Fidler, Fred Mead and Megg Isaac exhibit blown, cast and assembled pieces in vases, candle holders, trays, cake plates, s-curves, bowing sculptures and hands cast in beautiful amber colored glass. Clay artists Nancy Lewis, Kathleen Ryall, Patti Connor-Greene, Nancy Graham, Maggie Black, Jack Boyle, and Sylvia Coppola offer distinctive gifts in functional pottery - vases, mugs, teapots, trays, plates, bowls and casseroles.

Along with the 31st Winter Group Exhibition featuring “Small Works”, the Wearable Art and Jewelry Show is extended through March 15th. Wearable art and upscale handmade crafts can be found by artists and designers Myra Tannehill, Vasanto, Nancy Robeson, Carolyn Glazener, Linda Berryman, Princy, Erda, Maruka, Venus and Trimdin in hats, scarves, shawls, purses, jackets and one-of-a- kind dream bags.

The jewelry show features a spirited collection by the gallery’s numerous artisans, including Don Haywood, Julie Salvetti, Laura Fly, Lisa Kent, Rebecca Hellman, Tana Acton, Rebecca Neigher, Terry Thompson and Judith Goldstein. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings are among the collections in 14-18K gold and silver, with precious and semi-precious gemstones, pearls, crystals, fossils, sculptural wrapped wire and beads in myriad colors and shapes.

Enjoy Heart Opening artworks in this Winter Exhibition as we move into the month of February with the celebration of the Heart with the continued exhibit of Small Works and the Winter Exhibition at Carlton Gallery which runs through April 15.

Carlton Gallery is located 10 miles south of Boone and 7 miles north of Linville on NC 105 in the Grandfather Mountain community. Winter Hours are Wednesday through Saturday, from 11 to 5 or by appointment. For more information on the gallery, artists or exhibitions, call (828) 963-4288 or click contact to send an email.


Carlton Gallery presents an "Intuitive Connections" exhibit which features local artists, Debbie Arnold and Toni Carlton, at the Blowing Rock Art and History Museum located on Main Street in Blowing Rock which runs through December 4th. This exhibit can be viewed Monday through Saturday, 10 to 5, with free admission on Thursday between the hours of 4 to 7. The "Intuitive Connections" exhibit explores the painting process used by Arnold and Carlton. Their technique allows the painting process to connect with the inner self and to the invisible spirit and soul. Their work is the merging of art and spirituality. See Exhibitions page for the complete story.


The landscape in the High Country is comparable to the many landscape paintings found at Carlton Gallery during the 31st Autumn Exhibition. Traditional and abstracted styles in oils and acrylics by Kevin Beck, Egi Antonaccio, Jane Desonier, Linda Apriletti, Holt McLean and Andrew Braitman are rendered in a palette as dazzling as Mother Naturer's. Visit Carlton Gallery to view the many styles of landscape paintings and diverse collection of fine art in the 31st Autumn Exhibition which is ongoing through November 22. The "Sharing the Muse" exhibition of figurative, abstract landscapes, mixed media, and horses by Kate Worm, Vae Hamilton and Mary Dobbin can be viewed through October 22. The following featured exhibition of visiting artists, Dennis and Carol Usdan will begin with an opening reception on October 26 from 2-5 pm and runs through November 19. For the full story please see our Exhibitions page.


"Sharing the Muse," an exhibition by Kate Worm, Vae Hamilton, and Mary Dobbin is a highlight of Carlton Gallery's 31st Autumn Group Exhibition beginning Saturday, September 28 with an artists' reception from 2-5pm. In classical Greek, the Muses were nine goddesses essential to the creation of Art. In contemporary English usage, Muse refers to a person who inspires an artist, writer or musician. Artists Kate Worm, Vae Hamilton, and Mary Dobbin have inspired and supported each other for many years in Catawba County, although Dobbin now resides in New York City. Carlton Gallery will host this exhibition as part of the monthly Avery Tour de Art. Please click on Exhibitions to see the full story.


"Savoring Moments in Time" by local artists, Kevin Beck and Egi Antonaccio, is a complementary exhibition of their landscape paintings at Carlton Gallery. An Artists' Reception is planned for Saturday, August 24th from 2 to 5 p.m. This exhibition is also a feature for the Avery Tour de Art on Saturday, August 24th from 10 to 5 p.m. Each artist's unique interpretation of the area's natural environment is captured on canvas with colors, shadows, and textures. They render paintings which capture their vision of scenic vistas and strategic places that will stand the test of time. Please see our Exhibitions page for the complete story."


Carlton Gallery celebrates its 31st Anniversary with a Summer Group Exhibition on Saturday, July 27. An Artists' Reception is planned from 2 to 5 when some of the gallery artists will be present to meet visitors. This 31st anniversary celebration coincides with the Avery Tour de Art, a coalition of galleries and artists' private studios, which is Saturday, July 27 from 10 to 5.

An exhibition "Outside In and Inside Out - Soul Expressions" by gallery owner/curator, Toni Carlton, and Michael Grady, an art professor at Appalachian State University, is a special feature for the 31 Summer Group Exhibition. They will be happy to meet visitors and discuss their respective art on exhibit at the Artists' Reception from 2 to 5.

This collaborative efforts by Carlton and Grady exhibit mixed media work by Carlton and acrylic paintings with Chinese ink by Grady. They share a common interest in Asian art and philosophy, along with a connection to art that connects creativity, wellness and spirituality. Their exhibition refers to an interest in weaving elements which connect the outer worlds of culture and nature to the inner worlds of mind, spirit and emotion. It also explores concepts of nature, "flow" and the authentic gesture used in Asian art. See our Exhibitions page for complete story.


Carlton Gallery's continuing 31st Spring Group Exhibition features beautiful floral paintings in oils, acrylics, and watercolors by standing gallery artists Rainelle Meridith, Mary Dobbin, Debbie Arnold, and Freeman Beard. In addition to paintings, this group exhibition contains art in glass, wood, clay, sculpture, fiber, and fine jewelry and continues through July 23. The "Approaching the Edge of Color" exhibition of abstracted landscapes by Andrew Braitman can also be seen through July 21st. Please see our Exhibitions page for the complete story.


Carlton Gallery continues its 31st Spring Group Exhibition with art in paintings, glass, wood, sculpture, clay, wearable fiber and fine jewelry.

A noticeable component for the Spring Group Exhibition is bold, bright and beautiful COLOR. Andrew Braitman's exhibition, "Approaching the Edge of Color" is ongoing through July 21st. Carlton Gallery is pleased to represent the noted new gallery artist, Connie Winters, who also has a unique sensitivity to color. Her vibrant impressionistic style paintings capture colorful scenes of vineyards, gardens and interiors in rich hues. She is a keen observer, particularly with the interplay of color and light. Another key ingredient is strong drawing skills which determine the architecture of her designs. Her paintings often reflect her travels through Europe and project her ongoing fascination with the countryside of Provence, France and Tuscany, Italy. Please see our Exhibitions page for the complete story.


Carlton Gallery, continuing its 31st Spring Group Exhibition, is exhibiting new works by Andrew Braitman, an artist of national stature, with an Artist Reception planned for Saturday, June 22, 2-5 p.m. This reception affords an opportunity for Braitman to meet visitors and discuss his work.

Braitman's exhibition, "Approaching the Edge of Color," is a feature for the Avery Tour de Art - a coalition of galleries and artists' studios which begins its 5th season of showcasing fine art on the fourth Saturday from June through October. Hours for the Avery Tour de Art are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. See the Exhibitions page for more details on Andrew Braitman and other stories about gallery artists.


"A Taste of Carlton Gallery" can be experienced at the Blowing Rock Art and History Museum for the month of June. BRAHM is a non-profit museum whose function is to promote visual arts, history, and also to celebrate the rich heritage of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. A "Small Sampling" of artwork from gallery artists Warren Dennis, Kevin Beck, Vae Hamilton, Egi Antonaccio, Brian Carney, Freeman Beard, Joyce Norwood and the late Jim Crompton is on exhibit during June with subject matter ranging from landscapes, horses, dogs, musicians, figurative and still life. An Artist's Reception is planned for Thursday, June 13, 6 to 7 p.m. where some of the exhibiting artists will be in attendance to meet patrons and visitors. Please see the Exhibitions page for more details on the artists and work featured in this show, as well as all of the other artwork on display here at the gallery.


Come out to the gallery today to see the special exhibition "Voyages and Visions - A European Influence" featuring work by Helen Farson, Gina Strumpf, and Sharon Rusch Shaver. The exhibition opens today with a reception from 2-5pm, and will continue through July 18. Today is also the opening for our Spring Group Exhibition which continues through July 23. There will be light refreshments and an opportunity to meet the artists while viewing work by long-standing and new gallery artists. See the Exhibitions page for more details on the artists and work featured in this show, as well as all of the other artwork on display here at the gallery.


Come out to the Dickson Gallery at Cannon Memorial Hospital in Linville, NC this month to see Toni Carlton's work on display. The exhibition contains works from her 'Spirit of the Heart' series and will hang in the Dickson Gallery for the month of May. She will be having a reception for this show on Sunday, May 19, from 2-4pm. See our Facebook page for more details.


Our first show of the year opens in just a couple of weeks! It is titled Mothering Peace and Community Expressions and will feature work by Kichung Lizee, Treva McLean, and Toni Carlton. Proceeds of this show will help to benefit the Twilight Inn, a retirement village for pets whose owners have died or been admitted to long-term care. The opening reception will be Saturday, May 4th from 2-5pm, and the show will last until May 19. Please come out and see us and support this important cause!


We are very excited to announce that the new Boone Healing Arts Center is displaying the artwork of Toni Carlton, the gallery director-curator. Toni says "I am very appreciative to have my art in such a beautiful space. For me creating art is a healing process, and I hope that people viewing my art can also experience benefits in body, mind, and spirit." The Boone Healing Arts Center offers acupuncture, chiropractic work, massage therapy, counseling, yoga, and much more.


Check out our new website! Search for any piece of artwork or artist in the search box, browse our artwork by category, medium, or artist, and see all of our workshops and exhibitions for the year by using the navigation bar to the left. The site is still undergoing further revision so please be patient with any issues. If we haven't yet added something that was on the old site, you can still find it by clicking here.