Allison Chambers

I create color and texture driven paintings on a medium to large scale and my work has an impasto style. I use a palette knife liberally and appreciate beautiful brushstrokes and my aesthetic tends to combine all of these elements. It is a joy and a challenge to experiment with color and I do so by switching from a full palette to a limited palette. My goal is to create an abstracted interpretation of life.

I am originally from Wilmington, N.C. but have lived in Charlotte much of my life and had a successful career in painting faux finishes and murals. In 2007, life changed a lot! I married my husband, Jay, and went from a Mom of 2 to a Mom of 6 (5 girls!) I then began studying oils under the renowned Andy Braitman. This is how I discovered my true passion and my therapy. In 2009, I became an artist in residence at Braitman Studio . This led me to a full time career in fine art and to becoming a teacher in the medium of oils.

I have also studied under many wonderful artists such as Curt Butler, Nancy Franke and the late Ken Auster among others.