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Phthalo Sunset Inner Peace Carnival Nature's Bouquet Whimsy Moonbeams in a Jar Garden Empress Forest Maiden Keeping Watch Garden Flower Lady Renewal of Mother Earth Blown Glass #1 Swans Blown Glass #2 red spiral circle Acrobags Yellow Dancers Acrobags Blue Contour Acrobags #7 Chrysalis Azul Gem Wisdom Disk Raku Bowl Collection Raku #2 Raku #1 Mooncloud Candelabra Glass Sculpture Vessel #2-1 Vessel #6 Turned and Carved Wood Vessels Vessel #5 Cherry Burl Vessel with Found Metal Vessel #1 Vessel #4 Vessel #2 Vessel #3 Vessel #7 Turned Wood Vessel with Painted Etched Design SOLO JOURNEY DREAMLAND Silence b. QUIET LAUGHTER HEADS WILL TURN SILENCE QUIET LAUGHTER b. HEADS WILL TURN b. SOLO JOURNEY b. DREAMLAND b. Blown Glass Vessel Bright Abstract Vessel Blown Glass Vessel with Stem Blown Glass Vases Basket - Mica Rimmed Cat Head purple Meditation in Red -1 Clay Sculpture #2 Clay Sculpture #1