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Cascade of Color #2 Flowfusion Green and Gold 4 Diversity 3 Cascade of Color #1 Eruption of Water The Delicate Beauty of Love Field of Flowers Continental Drift Lyrics of the Sea Diversity 4 Cascade of Color #3 Fusion Flow Green and Gold 1 Gods Choir 2 In A Heartbeat Fading Layers Through the Light Luce all'interno Marks Remain San Angelo Mornings 1 of Triptych San Angelo Mornings 3 Strati E'scritto - It Is Written Tranquility Script & Scribble Montefalco Keys Meet Me in Tuscany San Angelo Mornings 2 Garden Memory 3 Garden Memory 2 Primordial Garden Into The Wild Petals II Garden Variety Bird  Abstract Red Posies Verdant GardenMemory 1 LeafPatterns- Petals Full Sun SpringBounty The Poet's Garden Garden Fragments Spring's Promise Reached Heart Strings #3 of 3 Threads of Our Lives #3 Namaste Beyond the Veils #3 Flowing Through the Threads of Our Lives – #1 Heart Strings #2 of 3 Threads of Our Lives #2 Prayers of Many Colors Beyond the Veils #2 Flowing Through the Threads of Our Lives – #2 Heart Strings #1 Threads of Our Lives - #1 The Quiet Dance - #2 Spirit of the Breath Opening to the Joy of Transformation Flowing Through the Threads of Our Lives – #3 Whispers - Face to Face Mother Earth Guardian The Quiet Dance - #1 India Speaks of Oneness The Musician Boy with Sailboat Painter An Autumn Picnic Doves on Porch Artist and Model The Guitarist Green Umbrella The Artist Scarecrow Drawing Plant Maine Coastline Altar B Small Work on Canvas All or Nothing Kahana Vajra Hera Morning Fog Disappears Elohim Momiji Black Mountain Matariki Western Sea Earth City Angels Never Die Humpday Magic Tybee Light Pardon My French Horse Dreams Antique Rose Painted Wall no 1 diptych Circle on the Horizon Red Zen Radius of Circle on Horizon Sunrise on Aqua Sea Dialogue Renewal TAKING FLIGHT SQUARE AND CIRCLE FALLING LEAF SHAPE SHIFTING First Light Otter Gunpowder Creek Shallows, Lake Lookout Ariel Roots Sunrise, Runyon Creek (2) Watauga Clearing Winding Creek at Riverbend Park Vermilion Light, Riverbend Park Lakeside Trail Early Evening Light Moonrise at Sunset - 2 Creek at River Bend