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My pots evolve out of natural forms, in the case of the larger pots such things as fungi, waterworn stones, white hills or frozen ponds in winter, fragile shells or the leaves of water lilies; in the case of the small pots, such things as nuts, pods, shells, small river pebbles or eggs.

The surfaces too are inspired by natural things: some shiny as if honed by water or sticky with sap, some with the gentle dry texture of an egg shell, some craggy and pitted.

Until recently I restricted my palette to whites, blacks and brownish grays. Now I am also experimenting with fuming in saggars in order to introduce a warmer element into some pots.

The pots are for the most part asymmetrical, as is the case with many natural objects. I begin with deliberate asymmetry and then build with soft slabs until the pot attain a point of balance. I am, as it were, wresting harmony out of irresolution.