Winter Thaw at Mary's Land The New - Boone Farm Hot Chocolate and Biscuit Hot Toddy and Shortbread Almost Home High Country Crystal Clear Day Mary Lynn's Mason Jar Three Beaks When Life Gives You Lemons High Country Wine Pearing High Country Canning Thyme Blue and White Porcelain with Cyclomen Asiatic Lilies Feathering Your Nest Blue and White Porcelain with Peonies Blue and White Porcelain with Daffodils The Golden Rules Fancy Feast

About the Artist:

Mary Martha McKinley began as a watercolorist, but switched to painting in oils when she became a professional artist. Her paintings are very detailed, and she has a good understanding of color, value and composition – all the components necessary for an artist to render a beautiful painting. McKinley’s paintings are very personal, as she uses objects belonging to relatives in her still lifes, and her landscapes evoke memories of places she experienced.