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I am a Pittsburgh native living in Charlotte, North Carolina. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English and television production from UNCC, but soon realized that art was my passion. For over thirty years, I've pursued creative arts of all sorts with instruction from notable local and national artists in ceramics, watercolor, stained glass, photography and even completed a one-year goldsmithing apprenticeship--but I still consider myself an emerging oil painter, painting now for ten years. The Carolinas afford a beautiful variety of landscapes, from the mountains to the sea, and I've become enchanted with capturing the charm and simplicity of life in the rural South. Bicycles rides and walks along our local greenway have inspired me to capture the natural beauty of the marshes, trees and flora that grows wild along the route in my latest works. An emphasis on textures, light and shadows can be seen in my impressionistic paintings of these landscapes as well as occasional still lifes in my studio.