Bellissimo View From the Top Prelude to the Day Leaning In Peace Together Diptych Together Peace Among the Wildflowers Creeksong Soft Mist Rising Lavender Morning Dreaming of Sky Rhythm and Blues Above the Tree Line Field Study Blues Before Sunrise Beginnings and Endings Traveling Through Just a Little Dip in the Road


Painting to me is about capturing and preserving the emotion and energy of a moment in time with the simple instruments of brush and paint. Having grown up on the coast, I always draw my inspiration from nature and the bright clear light that I grew up with. Because of this, I prefer to paint on location or plein air to get a feel for my subject and to try and capture that elusive energy of the moment. My larger studio paintings are usually done from these sketches, studies and photographs that I have taken.

My art is all about layers of rich vibrant color and energetic brushstrokes. I am drawn to patterns and strong shapes in the landscape and my painting is often more about these observations and less about the subject itself. If I can make the observer feel as though they are immersed and transported through the color and enthusiasm of my painting then I have succeeded.

About the Artist:

Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, Dottie has always had a passion for art. From drawing what amounted to thousands of pictures of horses and dogs as a child to studying art in college, it has always had a place in her life. She decided to return to her love of painting in 2011 after years of running a successful business painting murals and custom finishing furniture. She has studied under nationally known artists and continues to take every opportunity to learn, grow and become a better painter. Dottie is represented by wonderful galleries in the southeast and currently lives and teaches drawing and painting in Charlotte, NC.