Whimsy and Treasure Pick Up Sticks Of the Land That I Love Here, Deep Inside Blue Pickup with Barn A Light Exists in Spring Elegant Creature Red Headed Barn Steeped in Feeling A Heart Never Changing Always There Contentment Awaits A Life Lived at Full Tilt Tired Old Barn A Colorful Creature The Peek-Eyed Barn


My process is an intuitive exploration of simplicity. I am fascinated with negative spaces contradicted by positive mark-making.

I start with a very small, palm-sized study in oil and wax. Then I select the pieces that contain the potential for paradox. Larger paintings, sometimes as large as 60” x 96” are designed to capture this intrigue and paradox. Carving into the wax and paint, penetrating masses of space with sharp edges, I respond to the tension of defining space and object in an almost sensual way.

Ever intrigued with the irony of painting, I wait for the voice that says hurry hurry, but slow down while you’re doing it. When I know I am finished, and I know that the work is complete, there is a feeling inside that says you’re home and safe, and at the same time it screams run.

Ever elusive, always familiar

About the Artist:

Amy received her BS in Interior Design from the University of Tennessee, launching her onto a creative path that led to many years in the world of decorative painting. Ever creative and curious, she paints daily from her studio in Iredell County.

Her work has been purchased for television shows such as HBO’s “Homeland” and CBS’s “Reckless” and appears in print magazines such as The Laurel, Artists of the Southeast, and Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles. She counts former US Senator Tom Daschle among her latest collectors.